Step 5 - Finalization

Placement will be an exciting time for everyone involved. This is when all of your legal proceedings are finished and the adoption process becomes complete. The child is now an official member of your family. Finalization happens six months after the baby is placed.

During this time, Heartstrings Adoptions will be there for you at the hospital for any help or support you need. We will also conduct post-placement visits to check on the child’s well-being and bonding while one of our licensed social workers will work closely with you to address your concerns. If you or the other party have concerns, please note that we have the right to remove the child out of your care until the situation is addressed.

If you live outside of Utah, you can provide us with the post-placement visits from a social worker that you have scheduled, but all expenses will be your responsibility. We will assist with the completion of the Interstate Compact for Child Placement as well if needed, and we will work closely with your legal counsel for the completion of all legal documents.

Of course, adoption doesn’t end after finalization. We will still work with you in sending and receiving letters, pictures, and packages to and from the birth parents.