When you call Heartstrings Adoptions, you will talk with a case worker who can help you determine what assistance is needed in your case. Financial assistance laws vary from state to state. 

We understand that every situation is different and depending on the state laws you live in we will help you cover your living expenses to the greatest extent. We want you to have stress free pregnancy and focus on your adoption plans. 

The items we may be able to cover are - 

  • Housing and Utilities- We want you in a safe environment and may be able to cover your rent and utilities. We also, provide travel and comfortable housing in Utah if needed.
  • Groceries- Assistance with food if needed
  • Phone- Communication is an important part of your adoption plan. You will be able to call us 24/7 with any concerns.
  • Clothing Allowance- We offer a clothing allowance for you to purchase comfortable clothing that you may need during your pregnancy.
  • Medical- Medical Bills can be expensive. We will make sure you get the care you need before and after your delivery without the stress of worrying about how to pay.
  • Legal- We offer experienced and well-qualified adoption attorneys to make sure your adoption goes smoothly.
  • Counseling- Support will be offered 24/7. We have two licensed social workers to provide unlimited counseling  before and after your delivery. You will have a case worker assigned to you to help you with your adoption plan and will be available to you anytime. 

We understand that after placement you may feel the need to have additional counseling and support. We offer continued counseling with one of our social workers after placement  and if needed will direct you to a counselor in your area for futher care and assistance.

Depending on your adoption plan, Heartstrings is always here if needed to help with contact between birth parents and adoptive families if requested. 

Many time women will need help with education choices and help getting a GED. We are happy to help in this process. If you decide to travel to Utah and would like help with future career options We would love to help you in this process. Our goal is to get you back on your feet and provide you with a career path to a brighter future.