Step 3 - Matching

Once we approve you as a candidate adoptive parent, your profile will be given out to selected birth mothers (with your permission, of course).

A match occurs when you are selected as an adoptive parent. Once you are matched, the process of introducing your family to the birth mother and the child begins. We will give you an opportunity to review all of the available information about the child before proceeding.

We can set up conference calls for you so you can talk with the birth mother if you both agree to an open or semi-open adoption. If you’re living in Utah, we can arrange for a meeting so you can know details about each other in a more relaxed setting, such as over lunch or dinner.

Much like in the previous step, it’s important to be patient during the matching period and not get discouraged while you wait. Remember that finding the right match doesn’t happen overnight. It may take a considerable amount of time. We recommend continuing a strong partnership and maintaining communication with your social worker during this time to make sure you’ll find the right match.