Step 4 - Relinquishment


Relinquishment, or the voluntary termination of parental rights, is the process where the birth mother gives her consent for her child to become another person’s child by law. In this step, a final order by the court removes the relinquishing parents of all rights and obligations they may have to the child, which means they will no longer have any remaining legal or financial responsibilities.

This should occur before a child is considered to be legally free for adoption; however, one or both birth parents should legally consent to the adoption. Consent occurs when the birth parent/s legally agree — without force — to relinquish all their rights and duties to the child.

In the state of Utah, birth mothers can relinquish their parental rights 24 hours after giving birth. Of course, Heartstrings Adoptions will be present at this time to support the birth parents, as well as the adoptive parents.

Please note that we support all birth father rights as well. We go above and beyond our adoption services, doing paternity searches and notifications for all birth fathers that are unknown or cannot be located.

In addition, we work closely with an attorney experienced in Family Law to make sure all state laws are followed.