Child Adoption Services

Can we choose the sex of our child?

Adoptive parents can always pick their preference of  a girl or a boy. However ultrasounds cannot always be 100% accurate or at times unknown so for this reason we cannot guarantee gender.

Who can adopt through Heartstrings Adoptions?

Heartstrings Adoptions would love to work with you, please make sure you fit all the requirements before applying.

  • Adoptive couples should be between 25 and 52 years old.
  • Be in good physical and mental health. Any history of mental health treatment must be explained to ensure adopted child is in a safe environment.
  • Families should have 5 or fewer children currently living in the home.
  • Additional laws and regulations might apply if living outside of Utah
  • Regularly practicing Christian families may receive preference.

Do we need a home study before we contract with Heartstrings Adoptions?

A home study is required to adopt. We will happily start, update, or review a  home study for you. We have a wonderful licensed social worker on hand to help with any needs for you and your family.

How much contact will we have with the birth mother?

You and the birth mother have the option to have as much or as little as contact as you prefer. You may pick from 3 different options.  Closed, which means absolutely no contact.  Semi-open, which means the birth mother can meet or speak with you before the baby is born, and non identifying letters and pictures exchanged afterwards. Or your 3rd option is open which means you will stay in contact often, even after the baby is born. Most birth mothers pick semi-open and we encourage the adoptive families to meet the birth mother and be present in delivery room if all parties agree.

Will we receive any medical background information on the birth mother?

Yes, the birth mother will fill out medical background information that will be given to you for you and your child’s health. This will be valuable information for any future medical concerns.

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