Utah is a very adoptive friendly state to place your baby.  Often birth parents are in a situation were they need to relocate.  While you are here we can help you in many ways. 

All Apartments come with Washer/Dryer. Television with Netflix. Outdoor Swimming pool.

All Apartments come with Washer/Dryer. Television with Netflix. Outdoor Swimming pool.


If you wish to travel to Utah, Heartstrings Adoptions will cover all travel expense both back and forth from all 50 states. We can set you up in a nice, safe, apartment where you can live until the baby is born and until you recover from the delivery. We cover all living expenses including rent, groceries, and a clothing allowance.



Prenatal care- In Utah we have a first-class community hospital. The Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology, and staffed by a wonderful, loving non-judgmental staff to help you all the way through. Heartstrings does not drug screen our birth mothers. We want you to feel loved regardless of your situation. We are only here to help you, not judge you. You will be asked to fill out a Medical history that will be given to the adoptive parents and we encourage you to be honest. Also, hospital records will be given to adoptive families. We want you to feel safe while you are in our care and trust us every step of the way.



Support - One thing that Heartstrings Adoptions strives to do is to make certain you are well taken care of while in Utah. Many of our past birthmothers refer other girls because of their good experience with Heartstrings. We try to stay in contact with you afterwards to make sure you get back on your feet and genuinely care about you. If you decide to come to Utah you will have a caseworker take you out for entertainment, doctors appointments and make sure all your needs are met. We also offer counseling from licensed social workers. They are available to you at anytime.